Few days away from surgery

Well we are 4 days away from the big surgery. I had both my pre-op and my preadmissions appointments last week, I will be getting a Covid test about two days prior to surgery (waiting on that call for scheduling), and then Wednesday will be here quickly. I have help set up for the kiddos,Continue reading “Few days away from surgery”

Ilana’s 3rd Birthday Corona-Style

Any parents out there will agree that this Pandemic has proven to be challenging in many ways. I think each age poses it’s own difficulties so no matter what, y’all are superheroes for managing…ESPECIALLY if you have multiples. LAWD it’s not easy! Taking care of kids at home with nowhere to go and no oneContinue reading “Ilana’s 3rd Birthday Corona-Style”

Mentally Preparing for the Double Mastectomy

A few days ago, I made it public via my social media that I had tested positive for the BRCA2 mutation. My post read: “Warning: Long post ahead What a blessing it is to be able to save my life before it needs saving. I’m going public with this now because I want to shareContinue reading “Mentally Preparing for the Double Mastectomy”